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La réponse de Leonard / Leonard's answer


From: Jean-Noël MOCHEL, christophe.mochel@t-online.de

Thank you for your music, and your upsetting voice.
Thank you for going on after all these years.
Thank you for your guitar full of wonderfull songs.
Thank you for your lyrics and poetry.
Thank you for your pessimism.
Thank you for your optimism.
Thank you for your irony.

May your music make dance, laugh and cry many generations.

Happy birthday!

Jean-Noël MOCHEL, 18 years old.

From: Denis Chouinard, denisc@transcom.qc.ca

Bon anniversaire. Souhaits de merveilleuses années.

Merci pour vos chansons pleines de sens .
Bravo. A quand un concert au Québec?

Denis Chouinard, Québec,

From: Francoise Ouellet, couleur67@hotmail.com

Beaucoup de petits riens qui fait que la beauté soit avec toi.Prends soin de toi et sois bon pour toi
Francoise Ouellet Québec Canada

From: Heymann / France, alfyheymann@magic.fr

Thanks for your songs.
Heymann / France

From: Marie, Trois-Rivières (Québec), cfpba51@hotmail.com

Happy bithday to you !
Marie, Trois-Rivières (Québec)

From: Anne Fortin, afortin@cdpqinc.qc.ca

Merci pour vos textes, en particulier Anthem, Take this waltz, Avalanche, Joan of ark, Love calls you by your name et tant d'autres merveilles. Merci d'avoir bifurqué vers la musique si tôt, car je ne n'aurais jamais pu jouir autant de votre oeuvre, je ne connais pas la poésie.  Merci de m'avoir accompagnée dans les moments douloureux de ma petite vie ordinaire, vous l'avez embaumée cette vie.  Merci d'être vivant et s'il vous plaît, gardez-vous en forme, je ne peux me permettre de perdre quelqu'un d'aussi unique.
Anne Fortin, Québec city

From: Andrea V. Janett, Switzerland, ajanett@ibm.net

Dear Mr. Cohen

The sound of your voice and
your thoughts
and your thinking
and your feelings
and your poems
and your novels
and everything that came from you
has been part of my life for the last 20 or more years. And they will be important and helpful and joyful in the future.

Best wishes for your birthday!


Andrea V. Janett, Switzerland

From:  BoHo, BodaciousHowler@hotmail.com

Felicitations and inexpressible thanks for your incomparable work which up-perks moi :-).   In the splendid words that Sartre gives to Orestes in The Flies:  "Human life begins on the far side of despair."  What joy you've brought to those of us who can't forget to care.  Salut!
Bo-Regards, Bodacious Howler
BoHo, The Beautiful Downtown Middle of Nowhere, CANADA

From: Alain Labelle, a_labelle@hotmail.com

Merci pour cette musique sans âge. Merci surtout pour ces poèmes de chansons qui nous prennent de l'intérieur et qui nous laisse un sourire aux lèvres. Merci, mille fois merci.
Alain Labelle, Montréal

From: Jane Carroll, Silkscape@aol.com

Dear Mr. Cohen,
Thank you for being you.
Happy birthday!
Jane Carroll/USA

From: Mariano Brustio, brustio@r-j.it

Elle est à toi, cette chanson,
Toi,l'Auvergnat qui, sans façon,
M'as donné tant de chansons
Quand, dans ma vie, il faisait froid,
Toi, qui m'as donné du feu quand
Les croquantes et les croquants,
Tous les gens bien intentionnès,
M'avaient fermé la porte au nez...
Ce n'etait rien que de poesie,
Mais il m'avait chauffè le corps,
Et dans mon ame il brule encor'
A la manièr d'un feu de joi'.

Merci et Bon Anniversaire, Leonard.
Mariano Brustio - Italia

From: Irina Orzeanu Schwerzmann, nadiaana@worldnet.att.net

Dear Friend,

I wish you much happiness for your birthday, and a very happy New Year!
Merci beaucoup pour votre chansons, livres, et d'etre vous meme.

Irina Orzeanu Schwerzmann/USA

From: Jack Cornett, Doyle341@aol.com

Happy Birthday Leonard!
Jack Cornett- TX, USA

From: Dick, rstraub@att.net

Thank you Leonard, for your marvelous way with words. Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns.


From: Hélène Garant, helgart@videotron.ca

Camus wrote, that memory was given to us so that there could be roses in the midst of winter... I guess he did'nt know you 'cause he would have added that Cohen was given to us so that there could also be warmth in the midst of a cold world!  Bonne Fête Leonard Cohen....  Soyez heureux!
Hélène Garant,Québec

From: Cherif, cherifh@aol.com

Joyeux Anniversaire Leonard,
Merci pour ta Poesie, ta Spiritualite, ta spontaneite.
Merci pour Ton Eloquence, tes Idees, tes Chants, ta Musique,
Merci pour ta Presence dans l'Esprit.


From: JN Radulesco, jnradu@usa.net

Happy birthday !
Meilleurs voeux pour les années qui viennent ! Qu'elles soient pour vous toujours aussi riches en créations !
JN Radulesco, France

From: Paul Black, paul.black@unn.ac.uk

have a good one and a drink or three for me.
Just had a month in Cambridge Ontario, it was hot,
but I like where I'm living,

UK - England - Newcastle

From: Pittet Nicolas et Mory Olivier,  tet-moryo@usa.net

Hello Leonard,

Nous te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire de la part de
deux jeunes hommes (17 ans) de Fribourg.
Nous avons bientôt tous tes CD et nous espérons vivement
que d'autres albums vont être publiés !!!
Ta voix nous fait frissonner et est superbe !
Etant DJ, nous avons même passé ta belle musique dans un bar
pour la faire connaître au gens qui ne te connaisse pas
encore. Salutations de la part de tous nos amis qui ne
peuvent pas t'écrire. 

Pittet Nicolas
Mory Olivier


From: Marie, Megan2C2B@aol.com

Dear Leonard,
Happy Birthday!  I wish you on this day and every day comfort for your sadness, a deepening of your joy, mysteries revealed to encourage your life's quest, and mysteries left hidden so the quest remains vibrant.  May your load lighten today and all the days that follow.  And thank you for your work which has done all this for me and more.

Enjoy 64!  My best to you always,
Marie Mazur

From: Amy Lucid, amy_lucid@pplm.org

Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my life.

May the coming year bring you the best of all things, and may the joy you have given to so many of us come back to you in abundance.   

Happy birthday!
Amy Lucid, USA

From: Eva Agoston, eja@iafrica.com

To the poet with the golden voice
who alone can express the deep journey of the soul that even the depths of
pain and love cannot fathom.
who speaks for the silent
and who sings for the mute
Have a happy birthday

Cape Town
South Africa

From: secondary 3 students/ canada, shack@globetrotter.qc.ca

Leonard,we hope this birthday was a great one and we hope that u see many more.also our teacher loves you. We help you celebrate your birthday, each year we have a little celebration for you birthday which consists of hearing your music, watching your videos, and also we learn a little about you. our teacher introduced many of us to your music and we apprieate it.  congratulations on ALL you works. Happy birthday.

from the secondary 3 students of St.Augustine school, st.augustine river, quebec.

From:  Jamie McIntyre, snowgirl69@hotmail.com

Happy Birthday Leonard, my favorite constipated old poet!
You have been my inspiration since I was 16 years old.
You are the greatest. I love you and I want to have sex with you in Various Positions.

Jamie, age 28, Saskatoon, Canada

Jamie McIntyre, Canada

From: Valerie Shertzman, scvval1@earthlink.net

Thank you seems so inadequite for all the things your
music and poetry has given me. If what we celebrate this
day had never happened this world would be a much poorer
Valerie/The Goddess, Los Angeles, CA USA

From: Jan Gallupe, shack@globetrotter.qc.ca


From: Patricia Jane, StPJane@aol.com

Wings of Cricket Song and Saint Katerina

Cricket song fills my garden
I breathe moonlight
Eyes closed
Memories brought on wings of cricket song
And Saint Katerina.

Piney woods
A cot shortsheeted
The wicked deed betrayed
By glee
And snaggle-toothed giggles.
I ate an apple
I don't need to brush my teeth
Apples clean your teeth, you know.
"Go brush your teeth
And wash your feet
You were running barefoot after dinner."
Just pretend to wash
I'll get clean tomorrow
At sunrise in the creek
The cool creek
Running fresh in summer
Brought to me again
On wings of cricket song
And Saint Katerina.

Patricia Jane St. John Danko, Houston, Texas

From: Mark Nicker, nickner@videotron.ca

Bon anniversaire !
Happy birthday !
Marc Nickner , Trois-Rivières, Québec.

.From: April Yergin, aay@mtcforensics.com

You cannot imagine what my year has been like since I was made aware of your work by a friend last winter.  You and I are a world  apart, you somewhere in your tower, me on my knees in the mud, so of course I find this little exercise quite exciting. hehe Thank you again. Best Wishes.
April Yergin/ USA

From: Mirek Dworniczak, dworn@main.amu.edu.pl

Happy Birthday, Leonard!

I would like to personally thank you for all you've done
so far. I've heard "Suzanne" for the first time in early
70's and from this very moment I became your fan.
Thanks for the wisdom you share with the world...

I have prepared my own tribute page containing my traslations
of some songs and poems into Polish:


Mirek Dworniczak, Poland

From: Jean-Christophe, abordage@club-internet.fr

Dear leonard,

I wish you a happy birthday and would be very very pleased to invite you on our festival.
It's called "Le rock dans tous ses états" and will happen on next june 4th & 5ft.
We try to build every year a coherent program.
I would be very pleased to give you a "carte blanche" on one night.
Our usual assistance is 8000.
In case of interest, would you send a fax to 00 33 232 240 229.
Kind regards,
Jean-Christophe Aplincourt.
RDTSE / France

From: Henning Franz, HenFranz@aol.com

Happy birthday to Leonard Cohen,
the poet and the singer
who wraps around the finger
the lover and the beast
the sinner and the priest !

For ever your friend

From: Hervé Cesard, hcesar@club-internet.fr

Thank you very much for all the items you send me :
poetry, songs and your golden voice.
I used them every night and now I'm ready
to wish you a very happy birthday leonard.
Best regards for Roshi.
Your friend, Hervé.
Hervé CESARD  ;  Paris - FRANCE

From: Abraham Wurzel, AWurzel@Pacbell.net

Dear Leonard Cohen
I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I became a fan of yours back
in highschoo in Canada and I very much enjoyed a poem you wrote. I kept a
copy of it for a long time until one day I lost it. It was Oh Oh Canada
or something like that. Some of the lines went like"let us sell snow to
the Eskimos" ,"let us sell sand to the arabs", "let us threaten to join the
US and withdraw in the last minute". I was wondering if you could confirm the name
of this poem and if you could send me a copy of this poem, I
would really appreciate it.

Abraham Wurzel / USA

From: Joel Paul, joel@uncdel.ernet.in

Dear Leonard,

I am desperately trying to get one of your poems which goes something like this ..

" Some men who should have mountains to bear their hands to time......"

Kindly give me information where I can find this.

Best regards
Joel Paul - India

( I replied to Joel : This poem is in "The Spice-Box of Earth". Patrice Clos. )

From: Albert Labbouz, albertl@imaginet.fr

Cher Leonard.
Nous avons exactement 20 ans de différence.
Je me rappelle bien de vous qui m'avez murmuré à mes oreilles le soirs de déprime que l'amour m'appellait par mon nom. Alors que vous méditez dans un Zen center, sachez que mon amour pour vous, ma parfaite admiration vous appelle aussi par votre nom.
En ces jours de votre anniversaire, au commencement de cette nouvelle année 5759, soyez certains que si vous êtes toujours à mes côtés, je suis quelque part, aussi aux votres. J'ai cet espoir fou de vous revoir sinon l'année
prochaine à Jerusalem, au moins parmi nous, parmi tous ceux qui vous aiment et vous attendent.
Albert Labbouz

Bon Anniversaire / Happy Birthday to you, Leonard.

J'ai reçu ce mail dimanche 27 septembre (heure française), mais j'ai attendu d'avoir la permission de Leonard pour le recopier ici.

I've received this mail on Sept.27 (French time), but I was waiting for Leonard's permission to post it here.


    Dear Patrice,
    How very kind you are!
    I was only today informed of the great effort you have made on my behalf.
    Please thank everyone for remembering me.
    I am going to go through these messages very slowly.  Some of them seem to be
    leading me into temptation.
    Warm regards,

(Retyped with Leonard Cohen's permission)
Merci Leonard !.
Merci à vous tous qui lui avez écrit par l'intermédiaire de ce site, vos efforts ne sont pas vains.
Maintenant, les messages lui ont été donnés par Valerie Shertzman le 15 octobre.
J'attends deux photos...
Thanks to you Leonard !.
Thanks to you who have sent your greetings to him by way of this site.
Now all messages have be given to Leonard by Valerie Shertzman, on Oct. 15.
I'm waiting for two photos...

Patrice Clos.




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